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NY African Restaurant Week 2016

The NY African Restaurant Week (NYARW) is a annual cultural event inviting people from all over to celebrate the best of African cuisine, wine, chefs, artisans and restaurants across the city. During this week, foodies, travelers, people from all backgrounds, Afropolitans and more are treated to some of the best African dishes served in NYC.

During this time some of the premiere African restaurants will be offering special deals on their prix-fixe menu. NYARW wants to highlight the best of African cuisine (from over 40 African restaurants including some Caribbean restaurants) and the wide-ranging dining options offerings and bring individuals from our various communities, surrounding areas, tourist to walk the streets of NYC and enjoy a dinner at a special discounted price.

NYARW also features various events at different venues across the city that showcase Africa as it relates to food, art, travel, fashion and more. Some of the events scheduled include the NY African Wine and Food Festival, NY African Travel Extravaganza, “Mind Your Plate” a health and wellness event – more details coming soon. Please join our mailing list today to get notified.

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New York African Restaurant Week 2015

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